Six Pieces of Etiquette You Need to Remember When Playing Curling

On grass, cricket is known as the gentleman’s sport but, on the ice, Curling is the sport that takes that accolade. Chris Munn has been playing curling for many years now, so he obviously knows all about the etiquette that is expected when you are playing this sport. Below he has given some tips on how to ensure that you do not rile your fellow players when you step onto the ice.

Wear Clean Footwear

Before you step foot onto the ice, you have to ensure that you footwear is completely clean. Your fellow players do not want to see unsightly stains on the white ice while playing. You should always have a pair of shoes that you use specifically for when you are on the ice – ones that have never stepped foot on the dirty concrete outside. Also, you should make sure that your shoes have soft rubber soles to ensure maximum grip.

Always Arrive on Time

If there is one thing that nobody likes to do it is wait around for someone who is late. Everyone else has made an effort to arrive for the match on time, so do not be rude and make everyone wait for you. Try to get to the venue at least fifteen minutes before play is due to start. Okay, there are times when things are out of your control, so if you do end up being late do not forget to apologise to your fellow players for keeping them waiting. You could even offer to buy them all a drink at the end of the game as an apology.

Know When It Is Your Turn

You need to keep track of when it is your turn to throw. When it is your turn next, you should put your slider on, get your rock, and take a stabilizer. As soon the player in front of you has released their rock, you can get into position to take your throw. You should be ready to take your turn before the rock has stopped moving. By doing this you can ensure that the game is free flowing.

Do Not Touch the Ice

When you are playing curling, you might be tempted to rest your knees or hands on the ice for a long period of time, but this is something that you should definitely avoid doing. Why is this? Well, your body warmth will create a flat spot on the ice and that will impact how the rocks move when they slide across that particular area. This could end up ruining the game for everyone, which is something you definitely do not want to do. Furthermore, this should go without saying, but do not bang your brush on the hand after your throw as this can damage the ice.

Do Not Move About

When another player is taking their throw, make sure that you do not move about as this can be really off putting for the player and his team. Give your fellow players the same respect that you would expect when you are taking your throw and let them see the shot. We all make mistakes, especially if we are beginners, so if you do move while a player is taking their throw, apologise to them and assure them that it will not happen again.

Do Not Argue with the Skipper

Sometimes your skipper might make a decision that you do not agree with, but it is never the time to argue with them on the ice. Out there on the ice, they are the ones that are in charge, so just go with whatever they say. If it turns out to be the wrong decision, do not be cocky about it and tell them that you told them so. Nobody likes a brag in any sport. Sit down with them after the game and just have a discussion with them about why you thought it was the wrong idea at the time.

Some Final Words from Chris

“All of the above etiquette tips that I just gave you all have one thing in common, and that is that you need to have discipline for them all. If your discipline is lacking, then you will end up making some etiquette faux pas. Discipline is something that is vital for many things. For example, when I am not playing curling there is one thing that I love to do and that is gamble at online casinos. I am a bit of a sucker for slot games, especially winter-themed ones. Discipline is something that you must have when gambling, no matter if you are playing slot games or tables games like baccarat, poker, blackjack or roulette. When you are no longer having fun, you have to stop. Furthermore, you should always set yourself a budget and have the discipline to stick to it. If you are not going to stick to your gambling budget, then there is no point in you creating one to start with. Having discipline will make your online gambling experience more enjoyable, and the same can be said for when you step out on the ice”.