Best Icy Games to Play Online for Free

Because we love all things played on the most majestic surface that is ice, we have formed a list of icy wonders that are found online that you can play for free.

Don’t let these games slip by, make the most of the time you have and see how you can melt away the boredom in your life right now.

The 5 Best Ice Themed Games to Play Online Right Now

#1 Penguin Vacation

One of a number of games that happen to be made by Playtech, Penguin Vacation is a wonderful roller coaster of a game that provides dazzling 3D animation to the entertainment of this slot. This online casino game (we learned about it on this site) is a 20 payline slot which means you get 20x more chance of winning from a spin than if the game played with one winning line that just ran central to the slot’s reels.  There are a number of bonuses available to activate during the game and the standout round is the Fishing Bonus. This rewards players with 8 free bonus spins to win from and all wins come with a x2 multiplier. Prior to this thee is a free fishing round that allows you to win more free spins and bigger multipliers that could land you 33 free games and up to 15x the value of your wager.

#2 Kingdoms Rise: Reign of Ice

This game came out in 2020 and is, therefore, the newest one on the list. Kingdoms Rise is a Playtech jackpot gaming series, there are many other titles in this fantasy series. Regin of Ice is a colossal game that comes with three jackpots that must be won. You have the main jackpot that can drop at random on any spin. The second bonus has a timer, so it must drop each day by a specific time and the third and final bonus must drop before it hits a certain amount.

The game is absolutely packed with special bonus rounds and features. It is the largest game of the list and the fact you are rewarded coins when playing to buy bonuses from the game shop makes this a very engaging game to play and we loved every bit of it.

#3 Lucky Angler

Made by NetEnt, Lucky Angler is made with excellent graphics, but the main appeal is the basicness of the game. its kept simple and enjoyable. The Lucky Angler come with a classic 3×5 grid that contains 15 paylines to win from.

The main feature of this game is that you can win from the grid both ways. Usually, a slot wins from symbols aligned from left to right, in this instance, you can also win with symbols aligned from right to left. Should you win entry into the game’s bonus round, you could win up to 20 free spins to boost your potential of winning more real money from the casino (read more here:

#4 Ice Run

Playtech have once again provided a beautifully animated game with great characters that power the entertainment of this online casino slot machines. The theme of Eskimos is a rare sight to see for games that are played in any dynamic. This slot is one of the first games I have come across with this theme.

The slot is packed with many features that all you to win free spins and then award you with re-spin bonuses to keep playing this way. The game opens up many visual rounds that include snowmen, igloos and loads more that completes the world of arctic life of an Eskimo.

#5 Ice Hockey

Yes, you may have thought that this would have been top given it is sports based but this game is somewhat older and unfortunately the graphics are evident of this. This is another game made by Playtech but came out in 2015. This site provides the lists of slots where you can play for free without the deposit. Free games allow you to test the game without using your funds.

The game allows you to pick a team to root for, and as all hockey fans would know, rivalry is pretty much 90% of the game. The features of the slot are a little lacking than the games that are more contemporary and modern. The bonus is a free 12 spins gaming round. The overall jackpot you can win is calculated at 10,000x your original wager.